Israeli Days/Jordanian Nights: Day 2

Biggest takeaway from Day 2: my feet hurt. Though it was a beach day/day to get acclimated, myself and others did a lot of walking. We walked down the promenade at Tel Aviv Yafo Beach to get to a nice spot in the sand; we walked further to stop at a coffee shop called Aroma (which has this splendid little frozen coffee drink); and then we walked even further to the city's port, a commercial and entertainment district, where we found a charming park with miniature zip line included. 

Oh, and then we walked back toward the Sea Net Hotel to find a spot for lunch. AND then we walked over a mile to grab dinner at this ritzy place along the Mediterranean coastline (don't ask me for a name, I have no idea). 

Main idea: it was a lot of walking. But that's okay, because it made for an eventful day in which I soaked up some of the sun's marvelous rays; climbed a jungle gym of ropes; indulged in a beef pastrami sandwich at an outdoor cafe; attempted (and failed) to get a beach volleyball game together; and got to know some of my classmates — if we can call them that — better. 

Alas, tomorrow we will be doing a lot more walking as we take an official city tour by foot in the afternoon. Also on tap is a visit to Beit Hatfutsot — the Museum of the Jewish People — on the campus of Tel Aviv University. Should be grand, so stay tuned.

My bed is calling my name — or is that a beer?


Got that beef pastrami.

Got that beef pastrami.