This Travel Agency Will Plan a Mystery Vacation for You

(Image:  Pixabay )

(Image: Pixabay)

Though I love traveling as much as the next person, there is always one aspect of it that can cause headaches: the planning, the logistics. You have to figure out where you're going, first of all, and then where you'll stay and what you'll do and how you'll budget your money and all the rest.

After all is said and done, maybe you've pulled a few hairs out of your head or added some grey ones. And doesn't that just contradict the whole idea of going somewhere and getting away and having a nice, relaxing time?

Well yeah, a little bit. Wouldn't it be nice to just hand the baton off to someone else and let them do the planning?

This is where travel agencies come in, and I've just discovered one such agency that takes things one step further. Not only does Pack Up + Go concern itself with your transportation and accommodation, the agency also picks out your destination, leaving wherever you're headed off to a mystery until the day you get on the plane or hop on the train.

Specializing in weekend getaways specifically (that is, 2-night/3-day trips), Pack Up + Go lets you set your budget and choose from four general options based on whether you plan to travel solo or with other people, and whether you'd rather do a road trip or travel by plane, train, or bus. The cheapest configuration is a multi-traveler road trip, with options starting at $400/person.

The question that is probably, inevitably on your mind after reading this: what if they send me somewhere I don't want to go?

Well, have faith, dear reader, because they require you to fill out a survey before they send you anywhere which asks a variety of questions, including inquiries about your hobbies and interests, as well as a short list of places you've recently visited so that they don't end up giving you a repeat vacation.

Check out the survey here, and learn more about how it works at this lovely link. It should also be noted that these weekend getaways include only destinations in the U.S. (and you have to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to book with Pack Up + Go).

On a final note, the travel agency has teamed up with Teavana to offer the "Thirst for Teaventure Sweepstakes", which is giving away $4,000 mystery getaways every week through August 14. I may have already entered myself 26 times...

But anyway, if you're feeling spontaneous, this company might be just what you're looking for.