5 Travel Websites (Besides This One) That Are Simply Wander-full

(Image:  Pexels )

(Image: Pexels)

Magicians may never reveal how they do their tricks and reporters may not give away their sources, but I don't have too much of an issue revealing the websites that provide me with travel inspiration on the regular.

If you happen to like/follow along with the Logan's Run Facebook page, you might already have a good idea of the sites that I'm about to lay out in this list. (And if you don't like/follow along with the Facebook page, aren't you glad I provided that convenient link just now so you can remedy that?) This is because I'll oftentimes share content from the sites I'm about to list on that page — usually when I'm attempting to distract you from the fact that I haven't posted some of my own content in a few days.

I'll do this once in a while on the Logan's Run Twitter page, as well, so it may be wise to click that link, too, and find the "follow" button — purely for informational purposes, ya know? Not because I'm trying to trick you into following/liking my social media accounts. I mean, what kind of a person would do that? Not me, that's for sure. (Did you click the links yet?)

Anyway, enough with this whimsical (fanciful? offbeat? silly?) introduction and onto the list itself:

1. Thrillist

The folks over at Thrillist write about many things, but one topic they are especially adept at covering is travel. To prove just how true this is, one would only need to look through my inbox. Sometimes, you subscribe to a mailing list and immediately regret doing so when the flood of emails comes your way; you can't delete those suckers or unsubscribe fast enough.

Not so with Thrillist. They send emails full of content you'll want to dive into. A couple of their recent headlines that caught my attention include "Beautiful Small Towns in Europe More Americans Should Visit" and "15 Places to Take the Solo Trip of a Lifetime."

2. Condé Nast Traveler

The publishers of that holy style bible known as GQ — not to mention their other heavyweights like Vogue or The New Yorker — also happen to put out a luxury and lifestyle travel magazine called Condé Nast Traveler (because a title that's straight and to the point is what works best sometimes) and boy do they have some goodies in there.

Recently, contributor Mark Ellwood set out to tell us about "The Best Places to Visit in March," which includes stops in Copenhagen, Denmark, and on the Galápagos Islands. Meanwhile, Traveler's city guides are pretty darn great, too, such as this one on Los Angeles, which comes pretty close to rivaling Logan's Run's own Beginner's Guide to the City of Angels.

Los Cabos, Mexico, was a destination mentioned as a place to be in 2018 by both  The New York Times  and  Travel + Leisure . Here, a sunny view of Cabo San Lucas (Image:  Pixabay )

Los Cabos, Mexico, was a destination mentioned as a place to be in 2018 by both The New York Times and Travel + Leisure. Here, a sunny view of Cabo San Lucas (Image: Pixabay)

3. New York Times Travel

I love The New York Times (digital subscriber for about a year now) and their travel section is pretty difficult to beat. My enthusiasm for the newspaper's travel writing shouldn't come as a shock really — I did just write a reaction piece to the Times' "52 Places to Go in 2018," you know?

I'm also in love with their "36 Hours in..." series, where they send writers out to various destinations the world over. John L. Dorman spent "36 Hours in Detroit" last May and Robert Draper's "36 Hours in Washington, D.C." may or may not have been one of the catalysts that inspired me to write about my first trip to the nation's capital recently.

4. Travel + Leisure

One of Condé Nast's primary competitors, so says the Wikipedias, Travel + Leisure is another go-to of mine for all things travel. Like The New York Times, T+L releases its own list of places to travel every year, but their "50 Best Places to Travel in 2018" came out all the way back at the start of December.

Curious if those two lists had any overlap? Well, so was I, and it turns out they do: Fiji; Los Cabos, Mexico; Luang Prabang, Laos; and New Orleans, Louisiana, appeared on both, while other picks from both lists were nearly identical. For example, Pyeongchang, South Korea, popped up on T+L's list while Gangwon Province, which Pyeongchang is located in, appeared on the Times' list.

5. Smarter Travel

I don't know how it happened, but Smarter Travel's emails starting showing up in my inbox some time ago and I've garnered enough useful information from those digital bulletins that I decided to let 'em keep on coming. Click on the Destinations tab on their site, and not only will you find their popular destination guides for cities like London and Las Vegas but also cheap flight deals tailored to your location (granted that you have given them access to that information).

Just this past week, Smarter Travel was filling me in on "11 New Air Routes That Promise Cheap Flights in 2018" and "6 Incredible Train Journeys That Won't Break Your Travel Budget." Wasn't that nice of them?