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From Planning to Execution, Road Trips Never Seem to Go the Way You Think They Will

What’s the first thing you do when planning a road trip? Before picking out stops along the way, before deciding which places you’ll spend the night in, before figuring out how many miles you’ll travel and how many days and nights you’ll be away — before any of that — the very first thing you do is you give your road trip an epic name equivalent to the significance of the marvelous adventure you are about to embark upon.

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My First Solo Trip Was a Failure; Here's How to Make Yours a Success

One human quality that is probably universally appreciated by others is the ability to admit when a mistake has been made. As I get older and as hindsight continues to provide me with 20/20 vision, I find this ability comes more and more naturally to me. And that's why I have no problem admitting to you that my first attempt at solo travel was not exactly a success.

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That Time I Climbed a Mountain Alone

On the crisp cusp of a mid-March morning, my vehicle’s headlights were pointed at Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge and the thought broadcasting through my brain was something along the lines of “Am I really doing this right now?”

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