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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Which Great Lake is the Greatest of All? — The Great Lakes, Ranked

As one of the largest sources of freshwater in the world — first in total area and second in volume only to Russia’s Lake Baikal — it’s difficult to imagine anyone making the argument that the Great Lakes aren’t named appropriately. But what if we were to compare the individual lakes with one another? Which of the Great Lakes is the greatest? The least-great? Now that’s a debate worth having.

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U.P. Adventures: A Stop in Paradise, Tahquamenon Views, & Superior Trails

Though I grew up in Michigan and have lived along Lake Michigan for most of my life, there's just something different about the U.P., something that draws you to it. The landscape, more varied, more green — more ethereal, somehow — makes that connection to nature feel that much stronger.

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Something Smells Fishy Here: A Stop in Leland's Fishtown

I wrote a post a couple months back about things to do in Northern Michigan this summer, which included such selections as taking a wine tour on Old Mission Peninsula and hitting up one of Michigan's various islands — like Mackinac or Beaver. I now see that an eighth item was glaringly omitted from that list.

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