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Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with This Tour of the Tulum Ruins

While our primary purpose in visiting the Yucatan was to escape Michigan’s cold and live it up for a few days in Cancún, we used one morning/afternoon to take a day trip down to Tulum, which sits just under 80 miles to the south. Not feeling the need to rent a car and risk running into hidden fees, gas station scam artists, or corrupt cops, we opted to take a bus tour to see the ruins — and it was one of the best experiences of our trip.

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Wave Goodbye to the Cold & Visit One of These 5 Affordable Beach Getaways

Winter may not have officially begun just yet, but I’d guess that hasn’t stopped you from thinking about heading to warmer pastures. Unless you’re a complete winter fanatic — and props to you if so — those of us who live in places that experience all four seasons throughout the year tend to wish the cold weather wouldn’t stick around so long.

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