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My First Solo Trip Was a Failure; Here's How to Make Yours a Success

One human quality that is probably universally appreciated by others is the ability to admit when a mistake has been made. As I get older and as hindsight continues to provide me with 20/20 vision, I find this ability comes more and more naturally to me. And that's why I have no problem admitting to you that my first attempt at solo travel was not exactly a success.

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11 Travel-Themed Poems That Will Have You Packing Your Bags

There are two things in this life that I hold in highest regard, and those are 1) literature, poetry, or anything having to do with writing and 2) travel.

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That Time I Climbed a Mountain Alone

On the crisp cusp of a mid-March morning, my vehicle’s headlights were pointed at Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge and the thought broadcasting through my brain was something along the lines of “Am I really doing this right now?”

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