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Looking for Something New? These 5 Countries Were Created Only This Century

New countries don’t necessarily crop up all the time, but, believe it or not, there have been 34 countries added to the map since 1990. A host of these, including the likes of Armenia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, became independent once more and were thus “new” again when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. Several other new countries came into being during the ‘90s as well, but there have only been five nations newly created in the 21st century.

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Wave Goodbye to the Cold & Visit One of These 5 Affordable Beach Getaways

Winter may not have officially begun just yet, but I’d guess that hasn’t stopped you from thinking about heading to warmer pastures. Unless you’re a complete winter fanatic — and props to you if so — those of us who live in places that experience all four seasons throughout the year tend to wish the cold weather wouldn’t stick around so long.

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