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The Music Video That Put Panama on My Travel Bucket List

As humans, we are easily influenced by things we see on the internet — for better, and for worse. Sometimes we’re aware that someone is trying to sell us something; other times it’s much more subliminal. Whether or not it was their intention, the makers of a particular music video that I found a couple years back definitely sold me on traveling to a certain part of Panama.

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Cancún: Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea

On the third day of a five-day trip to Cancún, my girlfriend and I put our swimsuits on, climbed into the shuttle waiting outside our hotel, and headed off to the Punta Norte Marina to get our underwater adventure underway. It would be the first time snorkeling for both of us, which is why it was definitely a good thing that we were in the capable hands of the staff at Total Snorkel Cancún.

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Looking for Something New? These 5 Countries Were Created Only This Century

New countries don’t necessarily crop up all the time, but, believe it or not, there have been 34 countries added to the map since 1990. A host of these, including the likes of Armenia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, became independent once more and were thus “new” again when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. Several other new countries came into being during the ‘90s as well, but there have only been five nations newly created in the 21st century.

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