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15 Islands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

You may think you know the globe pretty well, but it’s highly likely there’s an island or two — maybe even 15 — that you managed to gloss over the last time you were checking out a world map. With 71 percent of the earth’s surface covered in water, who could blame you, though? There’s bound to be far-flung islands that are impossibly difficult to get to that you’ve never heard of — it’s just a fact.

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How Difficult is it to Travel to Antarctica? And Why Would You Go There, Anyway?

With the polar vortex hanging like a dark, ominous, and rather chilly cloud over much of the Midwest this week and outfits like USA Today running headlines comparing temperatures in Chicago to those of Antarctica and the North Pole, it got me wondering: why do people enjoy traveling (or living, for that matter) in places where the cold regularly punishes their faces?

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7 National Parks in Southern Africa That Should Have Your Attention

There is perhaps no word more synonymous with Africa than “safari,” and when you consider the quantity and diversity of the continent’s national parks and the wildlife they contain, it’s not difficult to figure out why that is. With vast deserts like the Sahara and the Namib, magnificent mountain ranges such as the Eastern Rift and Drakensberg, and a population of wildlife more diverse than on any other continent, Africa as a whole offers boundless opportunities to explore.

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