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The Most Glorious Chicken Sandwich You’ll Find in Southern California (And Probably the World)

As the late, great Anthony Bourdain could no doubt tell you, travel and food are intertwined in such a way that the threads could never be unraveled. If you travel somewhere new, there’s a very good chance you’ll try something new to eat, as well, even if it’s simply a variation on a classic dish you’ve had hundreds of times.

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Snapshots from a Morning in Los Angeles' Silver Lake Neighborhood

On the advice of the wise men and women at Gentlemen’s Quarterly, I knew one of the Los Angeles neighborhoods I wanted to visit during my second go-around in the city was Silver Lake. Situated slightly northwest of downtown and very near Dodger Stadium, the neighborhood is known to embrace the “hipster lifestyle” — think street art, clothes that send a message, fancy coffee, and a vegan option at every restaurant.

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Ontario, We're Onto You: Scoping Out Fall Getaways Along Lake Superior's Northern Shore

Whenever I pull up Google Maps and peer at the vastness that is Canada, I cannot help but wonder what in the world is up there. I mean, just think about it: Canada is the second-largest country in the world by land area (behind only Russia) but when it comes to population density, it ranks very near the bottom at 228th.

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Can a Small Mountain Village in Kyrgyzstan Become a Global Tourist Destination? This Guy Thinks So

What on god’s green earth is in Kyrgyzstan? Well, there are cities you could potentially visit — Bishkek, the capital, and Osh, the country’s oldest city, for example — but to capture the true feel of Kyrgyzstan, you’d probably be better off taking a hike.

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The Michigan Day Trip Tour, No. 8: A Picture Perfect Day in Pentwater

While it could nearly be considered part of West Michigan, Pentwater still gives off that “up north” kind of vibe, and it is for that exact reason that people come from all over to take it in. It’s the kind of place you visit to quiet your mind, to let life slow down for a little bit.

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The Michigan Day Trip Tour, No. 7: At Home in Ann Arbor

Most everything you’ll want to see or do is within walking distance (given that you consider 30 minutes or less to be walking distance), and if you can swing it, it truly is best to leave the car parked for most of the day. It’s a well-known fact that parking in Ann Arbor comes with a high degree of difficulty, regardless of the season. Perhaps that’s why the blue buses are free not just for students but for everyone? Could be.

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