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Tired of Hunting for Cheap Flights? So Were They, So They Created a Tool to Do It for Them

Unless you live near a major hub, such as those located in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, or another large urban area, trying to find flights that are cheap (and which don’t charge you for your first bag or saddle you with ridiculously long layovers) can be about as difficult as locating Waldo among a sea of pedestrians clad in red and white-striped clothing.

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Why I'm Dying to Visit Australia's Gold Coast

I don’t know about you, but it seems like my travel bucket list grows by the day. With more destinations than I could possibly count on that list already, I better live another hundred years if I plan to get to them all. A boatload of money sure wouldn’t hurt either — especially in terms of my latest travel infatuation: Australia’s Gold Coast.

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Why Use a Travel Agent in the Digital Age? I Can Think of a Few Good Reasons

With the Internets invading every aspect of our lives these days and an ever-growing repertoire of handy-dandy apps and services like Airbnb and Turo showing no signs of disappearing anytime soon, travelers the world over may find themselves wondering from time to time: "What's the point of hiring a travel agent in 2018?"

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