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Wave Goodbye to the Cold & Visit One of These 5 Affordable Beach Getaways

Winter may not have officially begun just yet, but I’d guess that hasn’t stopped you from thinking about heading to warmer pastures. Unless you’re a complete winter fanatic — and props to you if so — those of us who live in places that experience all four seasons throughout the year tend to wish the cold weather wouldn’t stick around so long.

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King of the Reef: This Strip of 'Land' is Royally Isolated

If you were to ask a random person on the street where the Hawaiian Islands are, there's a pretty good chance most people would be able to give you a fairly accurate answer. Ask about American Samoa or French Polynesia, and you'll most likely get a mixed bag of people who vaguely know where either of those are and a good deal of others who will be left scratching their heads. If you really want to stump someone, however, ask them about this isolated reef.

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