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Asia/Pacific Islands

I have a lot more exploring to do in these regions, which is why you're seeing them paired together. Stops in the modern and ancient capitals of China live here, as do stories on Pacific islands in the middle of nowhere and bucket list destinations in Australia.



While mainland Europe has largely eluded me so far — unless you count the riveting hours I spent in airports in Switzerland and Germany — and Africa is a continent I have not yet traveled to at all, here you’ll find my escapades in Iceland, an interview with a friend who has called Rome home for more than two years now, and some bucket list destinations in southern Africa.


Central America/Caribbean

For the longest time, I was lumping any and all Central American destinations in with their North American counterparts, but a trip to Mexico in early 2019 made me realize this region of the world is worthy of its own space on Logan’s Run. Well, its own *shared space with the lovely offerings of the Caribbean, that is.



As my home state, I have quite a bit to say about the place. Grand Rapids, Detroit, Traverse City, Copper Harbor, Leland — they're all here, and then some. That photo right over there? The wharf in Fishtown. No idea what that is? There's a "Check It Out" button right below these words for a reason, you know.

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Middle East

It comes as a genuine surprise to me that I would ever have so much to say about the Middle East. Before I visited Israel and Jordan in May 2016, I was so ignorant about the region, its history, and the struggle for peace that has gone on there for decades that it wasn't even funny. The seventeen days I spent there were enlightening, to say the least. Next stop United Arab Emirates?


North America

Most of the United States' eastern seaboard and a sliver of the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec have been graced with my presence within the last ten years or so. New York, Chicago, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Orlando — those guys are all here. 2018 saw Colorado (25th) and Missouri (26th) added to the list of states I’ve visited in my lifetime. Maybe No. 27 will appear in 2019?

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South America

This is another region where I've definitely got some more exploring to do. I call myself a travel blogger but I haven't even made it to Machu Picchu yet — is that pathetic or what? Ah well, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil will just have to wait in the wings for right now. In the meantime, Argentina and Uruguay were/are pretty awesome, too.

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Travel Tips, Advice & More

These are travel-related posts that do not talk about any one place in particular. They are lists comprised of many different places connected by some theme or another; travel tips and advice; compilations of songs and poems designed to get you packing your bags for your next adventure; and other wander-full things.

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Other Writings

These are the outliers, the posts that came to be before Logan's Run became devoted to travel blogging. Album and book reviews, sometimes-gloomy reflections on life, and serious randomness — like that semi-creepy love letter I wrote to Blake Lively's doppelgänger once upon a time.